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Improve Your Pricing With a Proven Approach


Pricing in wholesale distribution isn't easy. That's why we're committed to helping clients increase sales and gross margin by following their ProfitPath.


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Are you a distributor CEO or executive who wants to achieve quick results with a proven approach?  If you're ready to get started and are looking for the right partner with a proven track record, let's talk.

Scott Sinning

Scott Sinning is the Founder of Pricing for Distributors and focuses exclusively on the wholesale distribution industry.

He served as the Vice President of Pricing Strategy at Graybar Electric, and his career has been dedicated to leading growth and technology initiatives. Through his extensive experience, he has gained insights to help you be a more profitable distributor.

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We Design and Implement Pricing Projects That Get Results

I give my clients the clarity, confidence, and capabilities needed to improve their pricing - the #1 profit lever for distributors.